The ICAROS Experience

The New Dimension of Premium Home Fitness

Are you looking for the most effective and versatile digital home workout the market has to offer?

ICAROS provides exactly that. ICAROS combines digital fitness with unprecedented training experiences and provides you with unique and effective workouts in your home!

ICAROS Cloud - the connected home fitness system for the whole family - combines full-body training with exciting exergames, professional courses and a motivating community.

ICAROS Home and the VR eSports platform ICARACE connect pilots worldwide in a unique competition. ICAROS devices are also used globally in leading orthopedic and neurological therapy facilities.

ICAROS workouts enrich physical movement through gamification. All ICAROS workouts simultaneously improve reflexes and coordination skills and train different muscle groups. ICAROS systems are used in sports, strength and rehabilitation training as well as in group lessons or in home fitness. Our Science Board and working with leading sports universities ensure an evidence-based approach to create the most effective and exciting fitness experiences. ICAROS workouts are ideal for building muscles and improving the stability, functionality and reactivity of the core.

 Get the ICAROS experience for your home now!

Train your core muscles, strengthen your legs and upper body, and improve your balance and coordination.

All ICAROS products have a digital interface and thus enable you to experience the individual ICAROS workouts with your tablet, smartphone or VR glasses.

With the ICAROS app in particular, ICAROS offers you versatile and highly effective training options that make your ICAROS device an indispensable companion for your daily sports program. In order to be able to fully experience all ICAROS devices, download the official Freemium ICAROS app for iOS and Android now! The ICAROS app offers you a wide range of versatile and highly effective exercises for building muscles and a healthy back.

Interactive exercises developed by sports scientists and performed by professional trainers ensure highly effective, measurable and fun workouts for your entire body. Yoga and Pilates-inspired balance exercises, strength training and HIIT sessions improve your coordination, strength and endurance.

Opt for the ICAROS App Pro and benefit from unrestricted access to a large number of professional ICAROS workouts, entertaining exergames and an extensive training library. ICAROS App Pro is available as a monthly subscription (€ 16.99 incl. VAT per month).

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