Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs within Germany for ICAROS Cloud: 9.90 €
Shipping costs within Germany for ICAROS Home: 24.90 €

Shipping costs outside of Germany:

Austria: 65 €
Switzerland: 199 €
Great Britain: 219 €
Belgium, Danemark, France, Louxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands: 149 €
Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Hungaria: 319 €
USA, Canada: 279 €

Austria: 45 €
Switzerland: 65 €
Great Britain: 65 €
Belgium, Danemark, France, Louxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands: 45 €
Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Hungaria: 95 €
USA, Canada: 85 €

In the case of questions concerning the shipping costs to ther countries, please contact us:


The ICAROS Home is delivered in 2 packages.
The dimensions are the following:
Box 1:    92 x 60 x 30 cm – 31 KG
Box 2:    780 x 56 x 28,5 cm – 27 KG

The ICAROS Cloud is delivered in 1 package (60cm * 80cm * 33cm) and weighs 15 kg (33 lbs).

The packages are shipped by UPS.

Delivery Time

Before the delivery time can be calculated the items must be added to the shopping cart. This will show the availability. If the item is available, it takes about 3 - 5 business days until the initiation of delivery.


What´s the difference between ICAROS Pro and ICAROS Home?


  • Certified for commercial and private usage
  • More adjustments than Home
  • Larger angles than Home
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Very robust - Designed for 24/7 use also by large quantities
  • Weight 120kg


  • Certified for private use only
  • Designed for individual use or for a small number of people (e.g. family)
  • Support structure enabling you to place your hips on if necessary
  • Self-assembly
  • Weight 60 kg

What´s the difference between ICAROS Cloud Home and ICAROS Cloud Pro?

ICAROS Cloud Home:

  • Certificated for private use only
  • Small volume, therefore compact, handy and ideal for small (indoor) training areas

ICAROS Cloud Pro:

  • Certified for professional and private use
  • Higher volume, there ideal for bigger training areas and group workouts
  • Easy to clean and desinfectable surface



What are the training effects of the ICAROS Home?

The ICAROS workout train different muscles groups, focusing on core and uper body muscles

The excerises simultaneously improve reflexes, balance and coordination abilities. Leading sport university researchers have shown that ICAROS workouts provide an effective way to imptove strength, conditioning and balance.


Where can I try out the ICAROS Home?

You have the possibility to test the devices in our Experience Center in Munich (Schießstättstr.24). The opening hours are: Mo-Fr 12:00-20:00 and Sa 10:00-18:00. Please contact to schedule an appointment.


How much does the ICAROS Home system cost?

The ICAROS HOME system is already availbale at a price starting with 1.990€ incl. German VAT. Deliveries within Germany are free.

What is included in the ICAROS Home System?

The system includes the ICAROS Home device, 1 x ICAROS Controller, 1 x experience FLIGHT.

What are the compatible Virtual Reality systems?

The ICAROS Home devices are compatble with the following VR systems:

- Samsung Gear VR (incl. compatible smartphone like Galaxy S7, S8 or S9)

- Oculus Go

- HTC Vive system 

- Oculus Rift system


Do you deliever the devices to other countries than Germany?

Within the European Union you can process your order and payment directly via If your country is outside of the European Union, please write us your exact delivery address to to receive a quotation from us.

How much does the shipping cost?

Within Germany the shipping is free.

Deliveries to Austria cost 140€, and 220€ to Switzerland. Please contact our team to get information of the delivery costs to other countries. The devices are shipped by UPS Express.

How big/heavy is the transport box?

- Box 1: 112cm * 57cm * 19cm / 28.5 kg (62,9 lbs)

- Box 2: 86cm * 35cm * 30cm / 25.5 kg (56,2 lbs)

- Box 3: 51cm * 25cm * 17cm / 8.7 kg (19,2 lbs)

What’s the delivery time?

The delivery time within Germany is arround 3 to 4 working days.


How much space do I need to install the ICAROS Home system?

The space should be at least 1,50m x 2,50m (4,9 ft x 8,2 ft)

How does the installation and dismantling of the ICAROS Home work and where can I find the user manual?

The installation and dismantling instructions / operating instructions can be found  here.

Where can I find the installation instructions for the controller?

The installation instructions for the controller can be found here.

Does the device come fully mounted?

The ICAROS Home will be delivered in 3 packages.  An assembly instruction is included in the packaging.

What’s the weight of the ICAROS Home device?

ca. 62kg (137 lbs)

Can I dismantle the ICAROS Home?

In the case you need to dismantle the ICAROS Home, we recommend you to loosen the screws above the cross-ankle.Subsequently you will have 2 parts that can be stowed away.


What’s the users min/max size?

140cm – 200cm (4,6 ft, 6,56 ft)

What’s the users min age?

14 years

Users max. weight?

110kg (243 lbs)


What kind of software is included?

The ICAROS FLIGHT software comes with every ICAROS system. New experiences, such as DEEP, AIM, GRAVITY or ICARACE are released regularly. Check our youtube account icarosflight for trailers.

Can we play multiplayer?

Yes. The ICAROS FLIGHT, ICAROS AIM and ICAROS DEEP software includes multiplayer functionality (2 players). ICARACE has a multiplayer funtionality up to 8 players.

Which experiences are compatible with which kind of VR system?

Please find the information in the following overview:

  • Samsung Gear VR: Flight, Aim, Deep & Core
  • Oculus Go: Flight, Aim, Deep & Core
  • HTC Vive System: Flight, Aim, Deep, Core, Gravity & Engadin
  • Oculus Rift S: Flight, Aim, Deep, Core, Gravity & Engadin
  • Samsung S3 Tablet: ICALETHICS


How do I take care of my ICAROS Home device?

You should not lubricate or oil any parts. Tighten screws with the tools recommended in the manual regularly.


Is there a manual which describes how to use the ICAROS Home?
Yes, a manual print out comes with the device. You can also view our tutorial video on youtube.

How long does the Controller battery last?
If fully loaded the Controller lasts for at least 6 hours nonstop. It can be recharged with a micro USB cable. Recharge time is about 30 min.